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  • 46.2 Km HDPE Pipeline Installation In Ras-Al-Khaimah

    46.2 Km HDPE Pipeline Installation In Ras-Al-Khaimah

  • Workers Busy In HDPE Welding

    Workers Busy In HDPE Welding

  • HDPE Installation in progress

    HDPE Installation in progress

  • Welding HDPE Pipe

    Welding HDPE Pipe

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What We Do

Hdpe Pipes

We are the suppliers of Hdpe pipes from 20mm to 400mm which are manufactured in accordance with ISO 4427 standards.

Hdpe Fittings

We supply customers with a large range of fitting in sizes from 20mm to 1200mm. These fittings come in two types of material, PP and HDPE. We also have a large range of irrigation fittings in sizes ranging from 20mm to 90mm.

Hdpe Welding Machines

We are the main distributor of Hiweld Butt Fusion Welding Machines which can weld pipes from 32mm to 1200mm.

Hdpe Pipeline Installation

Drawing on its considerable experience in the industry Union Global Technical Equipments team is able to provide a complete installation service

Hdpe Pressure Testing

Union Global can provide pressure testing services to ensure welded joints are completed to the highest standards…

Hdpe Fabricated Fittings

With its team of skilled trained welders Union Global is able to custom fabricate HDPE products to suit your specific application. Some of the items commonly fabricated…

Hdpe Welding services

Union Global currently employees a team of highly skilled and trained welders who are able to carry out a wide variety of HDPE welding jobs……

Other Hdpe Services

We also sell a large range of other items. We have flanges in either PP or steel galvanized, a large range of valves (from irrigation values to butterfly valves), Male and female adapters, manholes, filler rods and pulling heads.